The Best Italian Pornstar, Valentina Nappi

This post is all about one very very incredible pornstar, specifically an Italian pornstar babe known as Valentina Nappi!

In my opinion, Valentina Nappi is easily the best Italian pornstar of all time, she might even be the best European pornstar as well!

No matter where you have her on your own personal rankings, one thing is for sure.  Valentina Nappi is an absolute babe.

In this write up on Valentina Nappi, we are going to be sharing all of her best photos, videos, and much much more!  If you’re not convinced that Valentina Nappi is one of the best, then hopefully by the end of this post you will be!

Valentina Nappi’s Best Porn Videos

This post is all about one babe and one babe only.  Valentina Nappi.  I’m happy to share with you some of my absolute most favorite Valentina Nappi porn videos of all time.  Ready?  Lets go!

Big Titty Italian Babe Valentina Nappi Fucks Her Sisters BF

In what is arguably the best Valentina Nappi scene ever, Italian pornstar Valentina Nappi fucks and sucks her very own sisters boyfriend!  Valentina Nappi looks absolutely perfect in this clip, where before getting fully nude she shows off her gorgeous curves, booty, and tits in her underwear before giving up her wet Italian pussy to her step sisters BF.   She looks incredible in this video as she makes eye contact sucking on this guys huge cock.  Valentina Nappi is a total babe, and if you need more proof than this video…then read on.

Valentina Nappi Shows Off Her Thick Ass

Needed more proof that Valentina Nappi is the best Italian pornstar of all time, here you go.  Have you ever seen a more mouthwatering Italian ass?  For that matter, how about any ass in general?  Valentina Nappi might have one of the best asses in porn period!

Valentina Nappi’s Asshole Is BUILT For Anal Sex

One thing is for certain.  Valentina Nappi’s tight Italian asshole is BUILT for anal sex.  Her tight asshole takes cock so well in this video and lets not forget how stunning she looks in this scene!  She’s a beautiful babe, with an asshole built for anal.  What more could you want?

So there’s some of the best Valentina Nappi porn videos of all time!  This fat assed Italian pornstar has a body that is absolutely perfect for porn.  Can you say wifey material?   Well…maybe not since she is a pornstar…but god damn she is a stunner!

So what’s next?   How about some amazing HD photos of Valentina Nappi?

The Best Valentina Nappi Porn Pics Gallery

Look at that incredible Italian body!

Valentina Nappi Knows That Exercise Is Important!

So What Do You Think?

Is Valentina Nappi The Best Italian Pornstar Of All Time?

Well…is she?

Let me ask you this, can you name another Italian pornstar off the top of your head that is better?  If you could, then maybe…but if you can’t think of any than I’d say its settled.  Valentina Nappi is the best Italian pornstar ever.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this incredible Valentina Nappi porn and nude pics gallery, as well as the showcase of the best Valentina Nappi porn videos of all time.

I worked hard to select the best and only the best…after all…this is BestPornTV, so our focus is always giving you the best porn imaginable.

Take care and stay safe!




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