The BestPornTV Relaunch Is Here!

After months of hard work, the team at BestPornTV is pleased to announce that our redesign and rework of our site is now complete!

For those of you who have been avid fans of BPTV know and can likely already see that we have come a long way since our beginnings!

The site has been updated and given a completely fresh and clean look, and we’ve also added many exciting new features to the site which we will share with you in this post.

BestPornTV 2.0 Features

We’ve been hard at work adding a ton of new features and improvements to the site.

We will dive into each of these further on down in the article…

  • We’ve completely redesigned the site and given it a modern and clean look.
  • Added a dark/light mode switcher, making the site look great at all times of the day.
  • Improved our importing algorithms to grab even more of the best free porn.
  • Updated on our on site search algorithms to provide you the best results for what you’re searching for
  • Added a blog, where our staff will begin writing about porn, sex, relationships, and much more.
  • Completely translated our site into 100+ different languages. (languages can be switched in the handy drop down menu which appears on the bottom left corner of the website on every page. This new feature will enable us to continue serving the best porn to new audiences from around the world, and provide our existing users with the ability to fap in the comfort of their own language.
  • Upgraded our server infrastructure to provide you with a faster website experience.

We have the best porn!

The team here takes their commitment to serving the best porn to the world very seriously!

We’re very happy and pleased to announce that our update is officially over and has been completed successfully!

We hope you will appreciate our efforts and most importantly…enjoy the best porn!

Please make sure to check our new blog feature (located in the top menu on the site) often as we will be posting and sharing tons of great content here on a regular basis.

See you next time!

-BestPornTV Staff

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