Vina Sky Is The Best Asian Pornstar

Since Asian pornstar Asa Akira’s retirement, it’s safe to say that we’ve been looking for a new queen of Asian porn ever since.

Well, move over Asa Akira, because it’s high time we crown a new lady as the best Asian pornstar of all time. Her name is Vina Sky.

Vina Sky is a beautiful Vietnamese-American pornstar from Houston Texas. One thing you can say about Texas is that a lot of great things come out of that state. And Asian pornstars are no exception. Today’s post is all about crowning a new queen, so we will be featuring Vina Sky in all her glory, sharing her best pics, videos and more. If you’re on the fence or undecided about whether it’s time to crown a new queen of Asian porn, hopefully this post will change your mind a bit.

About Vina Sky

Vina Sky is Vietnamese and man is she sexy! Born in 1999, at the time of writing Vina Sky is 21 years old and packs a ton of fun in her petite all natural body. That’s right, Vina Sky is all natural and has no fake tits or implants of any kind.

She’s got a few tatooes and is a Pisces (in case you’re into astrology) and currently lives in Los Angeles California.

Vina Sky is relatively new on the scene of porn, according to Vina Sky’s porn hub profile, she only joined about a year ago. A year is a long time though, and her body of work stands as a testament to just how amazing this Asian pornstar babe truly is.

Vina Sky has currently starred in over 50 adult videos and movies and it seems like every day a new scene comes out featuring this sexy Vietnamese Asian babe.

Vina Sky Is One Of The Best Squirters

We all love a good squirter don’t we? I’ve watched a lot of porn in my lifetime, and one thing I can say with conviction is that Vina Sky is one of the best squirter’s I’ve ever seen. Certainly the best Asian squirter’s of all time.

Don’t believe me? Check out this hot clip of her and her step mom sharing a cock. Vina Sky squirts incredibly out of her tight wet Asian pussy.

Vina Sky’s Body Is Bangin’

Whether you agree with my statement about Vina Sky being the best Asian pornstar or not, one thing you cannot dispute is that her body is absolutely banging.

Her tight petite frame, beautiful small little Asian titties and incredible and perfectly shaped Vietnamese pussy are truly remarkable.

Here’s some of my favorite pics of Vina Sky. There’s a good chance that this is going to the best Vina Sky image gallery that you’ll ever see.

Do you believe me yet? Can you finally agree with me that Vina Sky is the best Asian pornstar of all time?


Let’s keep going then.

Vina Sky’s Best Porn Videos

So you’re a visual guy huh? Those incredible pics, while being some of the best photos of Vina Sky, simply were not enough for you?

That’s cool, I get it. She looks good but you want to see her in action. Well fear not my friend, because I’ll now share with you some of Vina Sky’s best porn videos of all time. There’s going to be quite a few here so make sure you save them or bookmark this post to come back to later on.

Here we go-

Vina Sky Gets Fucked In The Locker Room

Vina Sky’s First Ever Big Black Cock

Vina Sky – Hot Roomate Will Do Anything To Get A New Puppy

Tiny Vietnamese Teen Vina Sky Takes On A Big Cock

Vina Sky Really Loves Her Step Brother

The New Queen of Asian Porn Is Crowned!

So there you have it. Vina Sky’s best photos and videos all in one place. Do you agree with me yet that Vina Sky is the new queen of Asian porn?

If you need more convincing, fear not because we have more of her on her site and you can see the rest of her videos by clicking this link –> Best Vina Sky Porn Videos

Asa Akira, you had a great run and you’re still amazing. But since you’re no longer making porn it’s time to move over and give up the thrown. Vina Sky, I now crown you as the queen of Asian porn!

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