What Is OnlyFans? And Why Did It Become So Popular?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet in recent months, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the name “OnlyFans” pop up pretty often.

It almost feels like OnlyFans pops up on the trending tab in Twitter at least once a week, and most recently because popular hip-hop artist Tyga has apparently created one.

So what is an OnlyFans? Why do we keep hearing about it? And why is it so popular? If you find yourself asking these questions, then this article is for you.

What Is OnlyFans?

Essentially, OnlyFans is the next step in the evolution of porn and the adult entertainment industry.

Do you remember vinyl records, cassettes and CD’s? How about digital downloads? There’s a pretty good chance that you don’t use any of these forms of media anymore, because they were all replaced by streaming!

OnlyFans is pretty much pornography’s next step in evolution.

You see, OnlyFans allows any woman…or man in the world to share their home made explicit content with the world, and make money doing it.

In the past, women had to audition and work hard to try and get a role in an adult entertainment movie. As time passed and technology evolved, women began filming amateur content and uploading it to the web. Smart phones and computers essentially made it possible for amateur pornstars to star in, edit, and upload all of their own content, without having to cut in a producer or production studio. This means the star of the film keeps all the money and does not have to worry about dealing with sketchy contracts or shady producers.

So all in all, OnlyFans is a platform that allows amateur porn creators to upload and sell their content.

OnlyFans follows a subscription based model, where the creator can set the monthly price and offer subscriptions to their content.

Did you think OnlyFans was some new form of social media? You thought wrong!

So why do we keep hearing about OnlyFans in the mainstream?

It’s not very often you open up Twitter or Facebook and see something like PORNHUB trending on the platform. So why is it that it seems like every week we’re seeing OnlyFans trending for some reason or another?

There’s a few reasons why I think this is taking place. Keep in mind this is just my opinion here.

For starters, every year it seems that pornography is become more and more accepted and less and less taboo in western culture. It seems to be pretty well accepted in this day and age that everyone faps. Even women!

The taboo of porn is slowly being lifted and people are feeling more comfortable to discuss their sexuality and pornography habits with each other. Especially on social media where they can hide behind anonymity.

Secondly, I think OnlyFans recent rise in popularity has a lot to do with the economy and coronavirus.

With millions being unemployed and millions more being stuck at home due to quarantines, people are desperate for some extra income, and if selling photos and videos of their body online can help pay a few bills then why not I guess?

Lastly, another reason why I think OnlyFans is becoming so popular is because we are currently living in a society that worships internet celebrities and women in general.

I’m not trying to come off misogynistic here, simply making a couple of observations.

Lets say you’re a relatively popular female content creator. Maybe you make TikTok videos and have a few hundred thousands fans. Maybe you’re a Twitch streamer or a minor YouTuber.

These women, on a daily basis, are inundated with worship from their fans. These types of men have been dubbed as “Simps”. A simp is essentially a man who has no goals, no ambitions, and lives to serve the women he lusts after.

Many of these women make thousands of dollars a month off of men they’ve never met before who send them donations, all for an ounce of attention in the form of the streamer or creator saying their name on video for a second or two.


So it makes sense that a lot of these female creators can essentially double, or probably even triple their monthly earnings by setting up an OnlyFans account and selling some pictures of themselves in a bikini. Oh yea, did I forget to mention that OnlyFans subscriptions don’t always include nudes? Some sellers just sell bikini pics or softcore teases.

Is OnlyFans The Future Of Porn?

In my opinion, yes and no.

Porn, like all forms of entertainment will evolve and will continue evolve long past our lifetimes.

Like it or not, as Bob Dylan once sang…the times, they are a changin’. For the time being, I think free porn streaming sites like BestPornTV are going to be here to stay. Simply because free porn is amazing. Most of us have enough bills to worry about already, too many to worry about paying some entitled brat $20 a month for a few photos of her ass and tits.

The common man, the guy like you and me already has the world at our fingertips when it comes to naked women. Why the hell would we pay for it?

BUT, with that being said, I do think that there will always be a market for amateur pornstars and content creators to be able to sell their naughty content independently. Simply because there are some very thirsty dudes out there. A lot of these guys can’t be saved unfortunately, and they will continue sending their paychecks to random hot girls on the internet in exchange for just a tiny glimpse of recognition.

This makes me sad and disappointed and I truly think its a topic worth exploring. Why are men, especially young men doing this to themselves? I think this is a topic we’ll explore on another post at some point. (I will link it here when its written)

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Like it or not, it’s here to stay

So now that you know what OnlyFans is and why its becoming so popular, you’ll probably agree that OnlyFans is here to stay.

With porn evolving, and women wanting more control over their content, its pretty safe to say that OnlyFans will be around for a while.

Hopefully now you have some good info on it and can make a more informed decision on if that subscription is worth it 😉

Take care and stay safe everyone! Until next time!


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